Why I draw my own foot acupressure chart

Acupressure charts showing only the feet and hands are challenging to find. Easier to find are acupressure charts of the entire body, then points are too challenging to read. Since all 12 organ meridians end or begin on the fingers and toes, reflexology practitioners have easy access to these energetic pathways. So to study the points deeper I started drawing my own enlarged foot acupressure chart to use in my reflexology practice.

Over time not only did I have a usable foot charts to aid clients sessions, I studied the points as I put them on the drawing, reinforcing learning. You too can learn from this chart.

As part of my opt-in for announcements of upcoming classes, I have drawn a chart with nine points I commonly use on the feet. An indication to use a point, i.e. headache, backache or cramps, is listed for each point.

There are more than 30 acupressure points on each foot, this chart is a starter kit to finding and working with the Chinese meridians on the foot. Later, I will offer more charts with other commonly used points on the hand or foot. Let me know how the chart works for you and your clients.

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