Oil is Love

By Debra J. Gist / August 15, 2020

Oil and love have the same qualities: slippery, warm, comforting and sometimes messy. This is why in Ayurveda oil and love share the same word, sneha. Adding oil or any oil-based product to your reflexology session, even if it is at the end, enhances the session with these qualities. Thai reflexology and Integrative Reflexology both…

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Why I draw my own foot acupressure chart

By Debra J. Gist / August 13, 2020

Acupressure charts showing only the feet and hands are challenging to find. Easier to find are acupressure charts of the entire body, then points are too challenging to read. Since all 12 organ meridians end or begin on the fingers and toes, reflexology practitioners have easy access to these energetic pathways. So to study the…

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Stiff Toes?

By Debra J. Gist / August 1, 2020

Stiff toes? this is usually a reflection of stiff hips. How your feet work reflects like a mirror how the upper body responds to the ground through what is known as the kinetic chain. The reflexes for the hips are around the ankles, so stiff ankles can also be a sign of less than mobile…

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