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Hi, I'm Deb Gist, reflexology practitioner and instructor

I was a reflexologist before I was a massage therapist, and for years my clients were not buying it. Everyone wanted massage therapy, not foot reflexology. Providing quality bodywork that transformed and met my clients needs is important to me, so I kept studying.

Then I discovered Integrative Reflexology®.

The communication between the clients’ foot and me improved as I connected and listened with my hands.

Clients came back requesting more footwork. Integrative Reflexology® allows me to use therapeutic oil, and integrate meridian, fascia, and relaxation bodywork. I went to a new level of refined techniques using my whole hand, not just thumbs.

Now my clients ask for foot reflexology because they feel the benefits. My clinical work has been a comfortable 80% foot reflexology clients and I integrate more foot work into massage sessions.

So I feel confident offering what I have learned as a CE course and a certification. My classes fill with feet-curious, touch-conscious massage therapists, nail techs, doulas, physical and occupational therapists, lay people and energy workers. You, too, can up-level your practice with more footwork.

My new goal is to build a community of qualified professional reflexologists connecting, transforming and listening to one set of feet at a time.