Feet Speak. Learn to Listen.

Study the language of foot reflexology to widen your client base, add-on to your current practice, and skillfully touch loved-ones.

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Upcoming Integrative Reflexology Classes

Live, in-person professional certification trainings with 16CEU's or 24 CEU's for massage therapists

Why connect with the feet?

The foot is more than the foundation to the body; the foot reflects and communicates with our entire being. These connections are made through zones, meridians, structure and cellular communications with the nervous system. Communication with all these systems happens when reflexologists apply skilled touch to the foot.  Learn, practice and receive with integrative reflexology.

This class, designed for massage therapists, will take you beyond the massage school introductory class and prepare you with more artfully applied pressure in skilled, intentional ways.

Once you learn to feel the foot’s messages, the awe in the foot inspires you to connect deeper.

You will want to listen.  

And clients, friends and family respond.

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